Meat Plan Biernacki Sp. zo.o. history is dating back to 1993 when in Czeluścin (Leszno district) a small family company was founded. The basic profiles of its business have been slaughtering and butchering beef and pork. Originally livestock was supplied only from its own and local farms. A huge cattle overproduction in this region led the owners to further expansion making the company one of the main recipients of this resource. Due to the high class beef meat production, the company became valued supplier and reliable contractor in a really short time . Dynamic company development was a motivation to build and initiate a modern cold store in Golina nearby Jarocin. The building with total storage capacity of 25000 ton was put into use in 1998
Another response to increasing beef demand was the idea about building big and modern slaughterhouse . After much effort and huge expense, slaughterhouse was put into use in January 2002 and got a name Meat Plant Biernacki (ZPM Biernacki). High standard of this object equipped in the modern production line which allows slaughtering 1600 head of cattle a day, made it one of the biggest plants this kind in Poland. One year after running, Plant got export authorization what was also the standard attestation. In May 2003, Plant received possitive opinion about entering the list of authorized plants to export their products to European countries from National Veterinarian.
Big acceptance among customers on domestic and also foreign market contributed to obtein slaughter permissions for Kosher and Hallal (in accordance to Islam principles). Constant production monitoring led to create extensive Quality Control Departament whose goal is maintaining, improving and updating implemented safety and quality systems such as HACCAP, IFC and also BRC. In 2006 legal status of the Plant was changed to Limited Liability Company with polish capital only. Increasing demand for meat products led company's management to create Meat Cofectioning Departament in May 2012. New range of products is dedicated not only to individual customers but also to HORECA market.
Perfectly equipped production hall gives opportuniuty for wide range of assortment production, from constant weight portioned products to frozen by liquid nitrogen ones (IQF). The offer includes: portioned beef elements, MAP packed, beef steaks packed with „skin” technology, carpaccio, beef tartare, minced meat, etc. Starting the processing production in Buszewo Plant in 2012 was another big project of ZPM Biernacki. Because of beef product specification, raw material is exclusively beef. The offer includes: kabanos sausages, veal sausages, beef tripe, ripening beef, etc. Due to all investment done, a wide range of meat products is constantly being offered and ZPM Biernacki became stable company with established market position, having its place in both: domestic and foreign market.