...Our products are the most famous and the most widely purchased meat products in Poland. Appreciated by many consumers also from the outside of our country.

Our brand is best ilustrated by the range of our sales: including not only Europe but also Asia, Middle East, Africa and North America. Confirmation of our excellent results is constant expending the sales market. We consistently implemet the modern marketing strategy, aimed at promoting and strengthening the image of Biernacki Company.

...We react to challenges facing the company in production and sales area in order to get the profit allowing us for dynamic development and high market position keeping.

...At our work we use the most popular, heuristic analytical techniques (including S.W.A.T. analysis, Anssof's matrices) and create the marketing strategy profile, considering micro and macrofactors.

...We reach customers in many possible ways, ranging from advertising leaflets through sales promotion activities, sponsorship of nationwide cultural events up to TV compaign.

...Biernacki company sponsors various cultural and sports events, donates prizes while also promotes our products and brand.

We also operate at interactive area. In addition to newly established website, we also work on Facebook, Youtube channel and Google+ , rapidly gain appreciation of many users.